Match Report

Match: Y7, Y8, Y9, Y10 Boys Badminton

Venue: Branston

Date: 28/11/17

Description of game:

The boys team enjoyed their first experience of competing against an opposing school at Badminton. All the boys behaved well whilst learning the etiquette and decision-making needed to compete. The boys competed admirably with many close games narrowly lost after strong performances. Particular mentions go to Andrew Stone in Year 7 for two wins, Tom Postlethwaite and Ben Barrass for a doubles win as well as Tom Postlethwaite. Mitchell Day and CJ Clusky for very close matches.




v A-Team                               v B-Team

Andrew Stone      won 15/6   won 15/2

Leroy Stooke       lost 15/3     lost 15/5

Leo Marshall        lost 15/10   lost 15/5

Harrison Brighton lost 15/1     lost 15/1



v A-Team

Tyler La Rocca lost 15/3        lost 15/5

Billy Battiste      lost 15/7        lost 15/5

Tyler  Gravel     lost 15/9        lost 15/8

Josh Cutts         lost 15/4        lost 15/4



v A-Team

Owen Brown lost 15/2            lost 15/1

CJ Cluskey    lost 15/12         lost 15/2

Ajay Stooke   lost 15/0           lost 15/1

Jack Spinks   lost 15/9           lost 15/3



v A-Team

Mitchell Day           lost 15/5      lost 15/14

Tanis Weatherall    lost 15/4      lost 15/1

Tom Postlethwaite lost 15/8      lost 15/13

Ben Barrass           lost 15/6      lost 15/4


Doubles                  v A-Pair    v B-Pair


Leo and Harrison   lost 15/5    lost 15/2

Andrew and Leroy  lost 15/8    lost 15/10



Tyler and Billy        lost 15/9    lost 15/2

Tyler and Josh       lost 15/12  lost 15/1



Jack and AJ          lost 15/7     lost 15/3

Owen and CJ        lost 15/5     lost 15/5



Mitchell and Tanis lost 15/2     lost 15/9

Tom and Ben        lost 15/11    won 15/10