Match Report

Match: Yr10 Netball v. Yr11 Lincoln Castle

Venue: TGA

Date: 17th January 2018

Team Selection:

GK: Daisy Anderson

GD: Caitlin Swaby

WD: Jess Brown (Year 9)

C: Izzy Anderson (Year 9)

WA: Isla Sutton

GA: Rhiannon Roberts

GS: Kacey Steel



Rhiannon Roberts x4

Kacey Steel x3


Description of game:

The girls had a tough game to play as they were playing a Year group up, and sadly two of the original Year 10 girls were off school so both Jess and Izzy stepped in to play a full game, playing two years above them. The game started well, with Izzy being a very strong centre. Lincoln Castle has the first centre, with TGA intercepting and turning it over. Castle had a strong defence and were able to get it back to score. The ball went back and fourth, with TGA fighting for every ball with Daisy refusing to give up a ball that was loose so a toss up was given. Daisy was quick off the mark, with the ball going straight into the D for Rhiannon to score. 1-1. Castle were able to score more goals, with an attempt made by Kacey but sadly unsuccessful. The girls were able to get the ball back to Rhiannon who scored just before the quarter time whistle. Quarter time score 4-2.

The girls started strong again in the second quarter, making some fantastic interceptions. Both Jess and Izzy were working exceptionally well together and very much holding their own against the Year 11 girls. TGA were able to get the ball into the circle, with a third goal scored by Rhiannon; 4-3. Castle were quick off their mark from centre and even though some shots were unsuccessful from some excellent marking by Caitlin and Daisy, they managed to score again; 5-3. A few more goals went in for Castle until Kacey was successful. Half time score of 8-4.

Going into the third quarter, Castle had made some changes and fresh legs was clearly what they needed. We had no subs, so TGA kept working hard but Castle were able to get in a few more goals. Kacey had an excellent attempt but sadly was marked well, so Castle got the rebound and were able to score. Three quarter time score 13-4.

Heading into the final quarter, the girls knew it would be tough as another change from Castle meant more fresh legs. The girls worked extremely hard, with some amazing interceptions made, only allowing Castle to score 3. They also worked fantastically to get the ball into the D. A contact made against Castle GD in the centre third, meant Izzy was able to give the ball straight into Kacey and the ball threw into the net. Fantastic goal! Kacey was able to score again in the final quarter with Rhiannon also scoring one. The final quarter saw a draw of 3-3, showing how well the girls kept working. Final score 16-7.

Special mention to both Izzy and Jess playing up two years and all the Year 10’s playing a Year 11 team and holding their own. Izzy also got a mention from Castle’s teacher about how well she played. Well done girls!