Match Report

Match: Year 7 v. William Farr

Venue: TGA

Date: 08.11.17

Team Selection:

GK: Ebonie Hurst

GD: Carla Andrews

WD: Chloe Smith

C: Ellie Brown

WA: Jessica Parr

GA: Abbie Roberts

GS: Poppie Gardener


Description of game:

Due to the light, the game was played inside and the Year 7 team rotated with the Year 8 team so they were able to play three quarters of 8mins each. The Year 7’s came on second, after watching the Year 8’s, and came on with a positive attitude. They won the toss which meant that they had the first centre pass. Ellie made an excellent start, with Jess moving out quickly to receive the ball. The ball moved down the court, and was intercepted by Will Farr. They were able to get the ball into their end and score. Will Farr had a very strong team, moving quickly and efficiently into space. Carla and Ebonie held their own, marking exceptionally well in the goal circle when Will Farr were in possession. Abbie was a great support in the centre third, supporting to the get ball down into the circle, however was intercepted again by Will Farr. The quarter time whistle blew with a score of 0-5.

The girls had a break and were able to reflect on the game, coming on again ready to play. No changes were made and again started with the centre pass. Will Farr were very quick and came out of nowhere most of the time to make some good interceptions from the girls. Chloe moved really well, marking her player and also able to turn over the ball. The ball moved around the court, with interceptions from both teams being made. Poppie was a great support, offering as a free player to move the ball into the goal third. Abbie was also there to move the ball into the goal circle, however were unsuccessful. Will Farr got the backline pass and were straight back down their end to score; 0-10 at the end of the second quarter.

Again, no changes were made and TGA were to start. The girls had spoken about their centre pass, with Chloe and Carla coming from behind to offer support and it was successful, the last quarter was in play. Ellie was excellent, moving around the court into space and helping move the ball towards to end third for shooting. The girls supported each other, were passing back if needed to maintain possession of the ball to gradually get it into the goal third. Will Farr were able to make the interception before getting it down to their end, however Ebonie and Carla were able to mark their players meaning they were unsuccessful; excellent partnership from them both within the goal circle. Will Farr were only able to score one goal in the last quarter, showing excellent marking and support to keep possession of the ball. Final score of 0-11.

Well played girls; excellent defensive work and support for each other on court!