Match Report

Match: Year 8 v. William Farr

Venue: TGA

Date: 08.11.17

Team Selection:

GK: Faye Slack

GD: Erin Newton

WD: Comfort Leak

C: Paris Sylvester

WA: Ruby Douce

GA: Marshella Stevens

GS: Isla Newton


Description of game:

Due to the light the game was played inside, so the Year 7 and Year 8’s took it in turns to play their quarter. The Year 8’s were up first, and having lost the toss, choose which end to shoot. Will Farr were very quick to move the ball down the court and straight into their goal circle; goal scored. TGA were quick back to centre and were able to move around the court. Paris was an excellent centre, supporting down the court to keep possession of the ball. Marshella was against a very tall defence, working really hard to move away from her player to get the ball to feed it into Isla. Sadly the shot was unsuccessful as was marked really well, and with Will Farr in possession they flew down the court. End of the first quarter it was 0-9.

No changes were made and TGA had the centre pass. Support was given from both Erin and Comfort in defence enabling TGA to make a positive start to the first quarter. The ball was moved around, with Comfort offering options at all times, working really hard to find space. Erin and Faye were working really well as a partnership within the D, sticking with their players to put the pressure on Will Farr to force them to move out of the D to keep possession. Will Farr’s shooting was on point, not missing many and making it hard to defend when they were ready to shoot. TGA kept working hard, moving the ball and making some good interceptions. End of the second quarter, the score was 0-19.

Changes were made in the third quarter, moving Ruby to goal attack, Comfort to wing attack, Marshella to goal defence and Erin to wing defence. The girls went out strong, not giving up and still fighting for the ball. Erin and Marshella did very well in their new positions, making some great interceptions and using Faye to keep possession of the ball rather than forcing it down the court. The girls never gave up in the last quarter, going for every ball, marking each pass and defending to their best ability. The final score was 0-23; keeping the goals down in the final quarter compared to the first two so the hard work paid off.

Well done girls; you fought very well in the match, upping your game and having some excellent game play!