Lincoln Christ Hospital School


The Gainsborough Academy

Year 7/8

The girls travelled to Lincoln Christ Hospital School in good spirits. They had performed well in training every Monday lunchtime. At the match they played four quarters of seven minutes.

In the first quarter TGA set up in a diamond formation. This helped them to defend when Lincoln Christ were attacking. TGA started well, making sure they had players behind the ball. TGA then won the ball and went on the attack. After two minutes Lincoln Christ were awarded a free kick, as a result of a foul committed by Tilly Warren. TGA won the ball straight back and Tilly managed to shoot towards goal but was denied by the keeper. TGA played well throughout the first quarter. Right at the end of the first quarter Lincoln Christ managed to nick a cheeky goal.

In the second quarter TGA kept their shape and carried on battling against their opposition. They managed to stem the waves of attacking football they were faced with. Half way through the quarter Lincoln Christ won the ball and their striker drove a shot into the top corner. Both teams kept battling for the rest of the quarter.

The third quarter was even. There was a keeper change for TGA, with Alicia Davidson going in goal for Tegan Butcher. Lincoln Christ had an attack, then TGA went on the attack. Both teams cancelled each other out. TGA kept their shape. This showed as they kept a clean sheet in this quarter.

The last quarter started the way the previous quarter ended. After a couple of substitutions from Lincoln Christ, they got more possession. This resulted in Lincoln Christ having more shots on target. These shots were met with great saves form Alicia Davidson, in the TGA goal. TGA were unlucky not to score. TGA battled well throughout the whole game, they kept their shape well.

In the end the score was Lincoln Christ 2-0 TGA.