Match: Yr7 Netball v. QEHS

Venue: QEHS

Date: 21st November 2017

Team Selection:

GS: Ebonie Hurst

GA: Abbie Roberts

WA: Jessica Parr

C: Ellie Brown

WD: Poppie Gardener

GD: Ellena Stacey

GK: Faye Slack



Ebonie Hurst: 2

Abbie Roberts: 1


Description of game:

Due to playing inside and rotating with the Year 8 game, the Year 7’s were able to play three quarters of 7mins each. They seemed a bit nervous to start with, but soon their confidence grew as they got into the game. They were working the ball around the court well, with support from the defence. Both QEHS and TGA were able to get the ball into the goal circle, however there were missed chances from both. QEHS were able to get their first goal in and it was back to a quick centre pass. QEHS were defending well, and able to turn the ball over to score another goal; 2-0. Again, missed chances from TGA, with QEHS getting the rebound and scoring successfully again. At the break it was 3-0.

The second quarter saw a couple of changes, with Ellena Stacey moving to GK and Erin Newton on as GD. The girls had discussions whilst the Year 8’s were playing about what they need to change and it worked well. They all stuck closely with their opposition, making some excellent interceptions and putting pressure on QEHS to force inaccurate passes allowing TGA to gain possession. TGA were able to get the ball into the goal circle and Abbi scored; 3-1. TGA had a new spirit, getting back to centre and taking it quickly. Again, they were back in the goal circle and this time Ebonie scored a fantastic goal; 3-2. The girls were really back in the game, defending really well and turning the next centre over so they were in possession and were moving down the court just as the whistle went.

The third quarter saw the same team with no changes as it was working really well. The girls were off to a good start again, moving the ball successfully and passing it around. QEHS came back with very strong defensive and were able to turn the ball over and successfully score; 4-2. TGA did not give up, working really hard, passing back to the defence to keep possession allowing them to find better space to move up. The girls were able to get the ball into the circle to Ebonie, and she scored; 4-3. The girls were working really hard but QEHS had a lucky break and were able to score again; 4-3. TGA were positive, attacking and defending well but unable to have another shot.

Well done girls, excellent match. Final score 5-3!