Match Report

Match: Year 7 Netball v. Robert Pattinson

Venue: Robert Pattinson

Date: 11.10.17

Team Selection:

GK: Ebonie Hurst/ Sophie Tuner-Guest

GD: Carla Andrews/ Erin Newton

WD: Sophie Bray

C: Ellie Brown

WA: Paris Sylvester

GA: Isla Newton

GS: Abbie Roberts



Abbie Roberts


Description of game:

The first quarter started well, with good movement from TGA finding the space they needed to move the ball into the circle. Good defending from RP meant that they were able to turn over the ball and get it back into their end. Again, some solid defending from Ebonie and Carla in the D meant that TGA were again in possession of the ball. They moved down the court again, with Ellie working extremely well as a link between the defence and attack to get the ball to Abbie in the D where she scored the first goal; 1-0! Back at centre and RP went out with a strong attack where they were able to get into the D, some unsuccessful shots with Ebonie receiving the rebounds. Again it was turned over and RP managed to score; 1-1. Back at Centre and a few fouls called for both teams, ending up with RP in possession and scoring just before the quarter time whistle; 2-1.

No changes were made in the team and the girls went out with a positive attitude. Some excellent defending again by TGA, with Sophie making some very important interceptions as a WD. Pairs was there as a  support in WA to help move the ball up to Isla in the D. Sadly the defence were able to defend well and the ball turned over to RP. Moving down the court they were then able to score; 3-1. This did not stop TGA fighting for possession and after a strong centre were able to get the ball to Abbie who was able to put her second shot into the goal; 3-2. The half time whistle blew, with another excellent quarter under their belt.

Changes made at half time included Sophie on as GK, Carla switched to WD and Erin came into GD. Positive start from the girls with the ball going from end to end. Some attempted shots were made by both Abbie and Isla with RP catching the rebound. Same was happening down the other end, with strong defence from Sophie and Erin. RP were finally successful scoring a goal taking the score to 4-2 as the third quarter whistle blew. A low scoring quarter but some excellent work from the girls.

TGA kept the team the same as they entered the final quarter, however changes were made to the RP team. The girls started well, applying what they had learnt in training into the game, moving the ball swiftly down the court. RP made some good interceptions to take the ball quickly back into their D to score; 5-2. A quick centre was taken from RP getting the ball straight into the D to score again; 6-2. TGA were attacking well, excellent work in the centre third with Ellie and Paris again able to get it into the D. Sadly no goal was scored and the ball turned over to RP. The ball was going up and down the court, with interceptions being made on both teams until RP was again successful at scoring; 7-2. Final whistle was then blown.

Excellent game from the girls, with strong defending and working hard. Final score of 7-2 to RP.