Match Report

Match: Year 8 v. Lincoln Castle

Venue: Lincoln Castle

Date: 30th January 2018

Team Selection:

GK: Faye Slack

GD: Erin Newton

WD: Comfort Leak

C: Paris Sylvester

WA: Ruby Douce

GA: Marshella Stevens

GS: Isla Newton

Reserve: Ebonie Hurst



Marshella Stevens x1


Description of game:

We had travelled to Lincoln Castle with our Year 8 team, and sadly Jade Middleton was off ill so Ebonie stepped in to come and support the Year 8 team, playing up due to being a Year 7. The girls were quite nervous when they arrived, however got themselves organised and completed their warm-up so they were ready to start the game. Lincoln Castle were are strong team however TGA won the toss so got to start with the first centre, and Lincoln Castle decided which end they wanted to shoot. TGA had a good first centre, getting the ball into the circle however some strong defence turned over the ball and it went to Lincoln Castle. There was some strong interceptions from Faye in the circle, turning the ball over again so TGA had the ball. It went backwards and forwards, until Lincoln Castle were able to score; 1-0. They took a quite centre, straight into their D however Erin was able to stop them shooting by marking really well. Possession was given to TGA, who were able to get it into their goal circle but sadly unsuccessful. The ball kept moving between the two teams until the quarter time whistle blew.

TGA went back onto the second quarter with more confidence with only 1 goal in it. We made a one change, with Comfort coming off and Ebonie moving into Wing Defence to bring on some fresh legs. TGA started with the first centre, and Ruby was working really well, moving out as WA to receive the pass. The ball was moved down the court, with Marshella working her socks off! The ball was able to get into the goal circle, but some good defence meant Lincoln Castle got possession. Again, the ball moved up and down the court, with Marshella working excellently in defence even though she was goal attack, turning the ball over and even winning a toss up. The ball made a few more passes, straight into the goal circle and Marshella scored; 1-1. Back to centre and Lincoln Castle took a quick centre to get the ball into their goal circle. They were able to score just before the half time whistle went; 2-1.

Lincoln Castle made a lot of changes, however we bought Comfort back on and Ruby went off. The third quarter started, and Ebonie was working really well in defence. As a Year 7 who is usually a shooter made some excellent interceptions to stop the movement of the ball down the court. Faye did not stop working hard, with Erin supporting the defence. TGA were able to get the ball to Isla in the goal circle, however it was defended well and they took it back down to their end to score; 3-1. Lincoln Castle were able to score one more goal before the three quarter time whistle went; 4-1.

Our final change was Isla coming off, Ebonie moving to GS, Comfort back to WD and Ruby to WA. TGA were able to get the ball into their goal circle with both Ebonie and Marshella attempting to shoot but sadly unsuccessful. Lincoln Castle took the ball straight down to their end and scored; 5-1. TGA were still working hard, with Paris working well in centre to move the ball from the defensive end to the attacking end. Ebonie was able to get the ball so attempted a shot on goal with Marshella catching the rebound to score another goal for TGA; 5-2. The play went on for a few more minutes, however no goals were scored from either team.

An excellent game girls, kept working really hard until right at the end of the match. My player of the match went to Marshella Stevens, she did not stop working throughout the whole game scoring some excellent goals as well as working in defence. Well done!