Match: Year 8 v. QEHS

Venue: QEHS

Date: 21st November 2017

Team Selection:

GS: Isla Newton

GA: Marshella Stevens

WA: Ellie Brown

C: Paris Sylvester

WD: Comfort Leak

GD: Erin Newton

GK: Faye Slack


Description of game:

The girls were a bit nervous when starting, however as they had been watching the Year 7’s they were thinking about what they needed to do when playing. They took some good centres however QEHS were extremely quick and agile, defending well and turning the ball over. They got the ball straight into the goal circle and scored. Back to centre and, even though TGA were defending to their best ability, they were unable to stop the second goal; 2-0. TGA were able to get the ball into their circle but were unsuccessful. The ball then kept going backwards and forwards until QEHS scored again just before the end whistle; 3-0.

The second quarter saw some changes, with Abbie Roberts coming on as wing attack. Even though Abbie’s position is usually a goal attack, she worked really well offering options to pass to and creating space. QEHS were mainly in their attacking end, with very strong players but every time they were trying to feed the circle Faye was able to get an interception. This kept going for a few minutes until QEHS were able to score a goal; 4-0. TGA had a good centre but QEHS were able to turn it over. A couple more goals were scored before the whistle went for the end of that quarter; 6-0.

The final quarter saw Ellie come on as wing attack and the rest of the team stayed the same. QEHS had a very strong start, putting pressure on straight away and getting the ball into the goal circle. Both Erin and Faye were doing an excellent job at stopping chances and intercepting the ball, however QEHS were on point with their shooting and scored again. 7-0. TGA had a positive attack, getting the ball into the circle however an excellent interception saw the ball back in QEHS’s possession. Both teams were defending exceptionally well, with QEHS able to break through and score one more goal before the final whistle.

Well done girls, excellent game. Final score 8-0.