Lincoln Christ Hospital School


The Gainsborough Academy

Year 9/10

The girls travelled to Lincoln Christ Hospital School in good spirits. They had performed well in training every Monday lunchtime. At the match they played four quarters of seven minutes.

In the first quarter Lincoln Christ dominated possession, passing the ball around. They had lots of chances. After thirty seconds Lincoln Christ got their first goal, a low shot into the right side of the net. TGA battled hard trying to win the ball. But Lincoln Christ were too strong. Then Lincoln Christ got their second goal and then their third in quick succession. Throughout this quarter Daisy Anderson made some very good saves. Just before the end of the quarter Lincoln Christ got their fourth goal.

At the start of the second quarter TGA started better. They set up in a diamond formation. Daisy Anderson once again pulled off some amazing saves. TGA battled hard and began to play better, they started to get the ball into the Lincoln Christ half. Their efforts were rewarded when Jess Brown scored with a low right-footed shot at the near post. This was followed by some more saves by Daisy Anderson. Lincoln Christ battled back possession from TGA. This led to two more goals for Lincoln Christ. Just before the end of the second quarter Izzy Anderson got the ball and went past a player, then another and had a shot from just outside of the area. This resulted in a goal for TGA.

In the third quarter Lincoln Christ came out strong. TGA lost their shape. This made it easier for Lincoln Christ to pass the ball around. This showed as Lincoln Christ got three more goals in quick succession, all coming from TGA giving away the ball too easily. TGA tried to get back into it but Lincoln Christ were too strong. Lincoln Christ finished the third quarter how they started it. They ended with two more goals.

TGA went into the final quarter a bit deflated. But they started better and regained their shape. TGA started with more possession and this gave them more confidence. Two minutes in to the quarter Izzy picked the ball up from her own half, went past one player, then another. She managed to get a shot off but a great save from the keeper denied TGA from another goal. From this Lincoln Christ went on the attack and scored. There was a change in goalkeeper for TGA to Jess Brown, who made a great save to deny Lincoln Christ. Lincoln Christ finished strongly and finished with a goal. In the end the score was Lincoln Christ13-2 TGA.