Match Report

Match: Year 9 Netball Tournament

Venue: The Priory LSST

Date: 12.10.17

Team Selection:

GK: Holly Bondar

GD: Mya Bailey

WD: Shania Benn

C: Izzy Anderson

WA: Alice Penny

GA: Jess Brown

GS: Lillie Gardner


Sianna Freeman

Caitlin Merrills


Lillie; 4 goals

Jess; 4 goals

Description of game:

The girls were placed into a Round Robin Tournament with 3 other schools; Castle Academy, QEHS and Lincoln Minster. Each game was 7mins each way with 1 min at half time. The girls had to play each school once and if they finished first or second meant they went through to the semi-finals against the other league.

The first game saw them against Castle Academy. Castle were very quick from centre, passing the ball around and into the D. They had a few attempts on goal, however were unsuccessful due to Holly’s marking. TGA were able to get the ball down the court and score; 1-0. The game was back and forth until Castle were able to score their first goal; 1-1. Castle were able to score another goal quickly after to take the score to 2-1. TGA were able to keep possession and get the ball into the D, with Jess and Izzy taking control and moving the ball down the court. The ball got into the D and Lille scored just before the half time whistle; 2-2. After a quick chat, the girls were back on and Castle were again quick off the mark. They got the ball into the D and scored again; 3-2. The ball was up and down, with some excellent interceptions by Mya and Shania with Alice supporting to bring the ball down. Unfortunately Castle were able to score another; 4-2, just before the final whistle went.

The second game against QEHS saw changes to the team, Cailtin came into wing attack, Shania moved to goal defence and Sianna came onto wing defence. QEHS were a very strong team, with a few quick goals to start the game. It took TGA a couple of minutes to get into the game and get used to the pace. TGA were down 4-0, but were able to get a goal from Lille; 4-1. The half time whistle went, so after a quick changeover the girls were back on. Some excellent interceptions made by Sianna turned the ball over so TGA were back in possession and were able to get the ball into the D. QEHS were able to get the rebound and straight back into their D. A few more goals were scored in quick succession to take the score to 8-1. TGA were able to make a quick attack, allowing Jess to score. Before the final whistle went QEHS were able to score one more goal taking the final score to 9-2.

The girls had one more game to play against Lincoln Minster. The team was kept the same for the first half, with the girls prepped to make changes at half time back to the original squad. Lincoln Minster were again very quick from centre, and scored a goal within the first couple of minutes. TGA were unlucky with some of their attempts, with rebounds being caught by Minster. They quickly moved up the court to score another goal just before the half time whistle; 2-0. The changes were made and the girls soon settled into their positions and the flow of the game. TGA were able to score; 2-1. Quickly back to centre and again the ball was back in TGA’s circle. Jess was struggling to find support and scored an outstanding goal from the edge of the circle; 2-2. The pressure was on Minster to pull it back however it was TGA dominating the second half. TGA were able to get the ball to Jess again and score another; 3-2. Play continued with some excellent interceptions from defence and after Lille was fighting for the ball in the D a penalty was given for contact. Just before the final whistle Lille scored to take the final score to 4-2.

Overall the girls finished in 3rd position in their table, closely missing out on making the semi-finals. Three excellent games, with their play improving in each match and not allowing the pressure to get to them. Well done girls!