Match Report

Match: Year 9 v. Lincoln Castle

Venue: TGA

Date: 23rd January 2018

Team Selection:

GK – Holly Bondar

GD – Abbie Bogg

WD – Sianna Freeman

C – Izzy Anderson

WA – Alice Penny

GA – Rhiannon Roberts

GS – Lillie Gardener



Lillie x3

Jess x2

Description of game:

Going into the match TGA had 9 players, with two reserves, however two were ill on the day so unable to play. We still had the 7 players to play the game, however Abbie had to play out of her usual position of WA to play at GD. The girls seemed a bit nervous to start, as Lincoln Castle were a strong team. Castle got off to a flying start, scoring on their centres and turning over the ball and scoring on TGA’s centres. The girls kept working hard and were able to get the ball into the goal circle for an attempt to be made by Jess but excellent marking made it unsuccessful. The girls fought to get the ball back with an amazing interception from Sianna and managed to get it to Lillie who was able to score. Quarter time score; 5-1.

TGA stayed the same, with a few changes and fresh legs from Castle. TGA went on with more confidence and it grew as the quarter progressed. Castle did not have as much possession as the first quarter, with more interceptions made by Abbie who was working extremely well as a defensive player out of position. TGA were able to get the ball to Jess in the goal circle, and even though she was quite far out, gave it a go and it went straight through the hoop; 5-2. Castle were working hard to get the ball back and went straight from their centre into the goal. TGA was working extremely hard, turning the ball over but Castle had a strong GD who also kept intercepting their passes into the circle. Castle were able to score one more goal in the second quarter before the half time whistle. Half time score 7 – 2, however it was much closer with that quarter score being 2 – 1.

Due to how close the second quarter was, TGA went on with renewed confidence. Again, there weren’t many goals scored as the ball kept going from one defence to the other. After some time out due to injury, Holly had found her inner drive to go for every interception positively and was getting every rebound that was made by Lincoln Castle. TGA were able to get the ball into the goal circle a few times, with both Jess and Lille scoring. Castle were also able to get a couple of goals in so the third quarter score was 2-2; the girls were getting closer. Full score for quarter time was 9-4.

Again, Lincoln Castle bought on fresh legs however ours girls stayed in position. No changes were made as they were working really well. Alice was able to support the play by moving the ball up the court, along with Izzy controlling the game and slowing it down when needed. Jess was working extremely hard, changing direction due to the GD marking her constantly but was able to make some excellent moves to get the ball down into the goal circle. Sadly Lincoln Castle were able to defend and got the ball into their circle and score. TGA kept working hard, with the ball again going backwards and forwards down the court. Lincoln Castle were able to score another goal, before TGA were able to find a last bit of energy and get the ball to Lille to score just before the final whistle blew; final score 11-5.

An excellent game girls, with your confidence growing as the game went on and working hard even with no subs or fresh legs. Well done!