Match Report

Match: Year 9 Netball v. Robert Pattinson

Venue: Robert Pattinson

Date: 11.10.17

Team Selection:

GK: Holly Bondar

GD: Mya Bailey

WD: Shania Benn

C: Izzy Anderson

WA: Abbie Bogg

GA: Jess Brown

GS: Lillie Gardner


Caitlin Merrills

Alice Penny

Sianna Freeman



Jess Brown; 4

Lillie Gardner; 2


Description of game:

The girls started strong, with an excellent first centre taken. The ball was passed quickly into the D, where an attempt was made. It was unsuccessful from TGA, with RP catching the rebound and were on a quick attack. They were able to pass the ball quickly down the court however an excellent interception by Mya meant the ball turned over. The ball was passed quickly up the court, with excellent support from Izzy and Abbie in the centre court, to the ball into the D where Jess made an excellent shot; 1- 0. A quick centre was taken, again moving round the court well with TGA putting pressure on their attack. They got the ball into the D and had a successful shot; 1-1. Back at centre and TGA were using the space well, getting the ball to Lille who made a shot; 2-1. Again, lots of movement around the court, with a strong attack which meant RP were able to score; 2-2. The quarter time whistle went with the game tied.

The start of the second quarter saw no changes from TGA, meaning they were settling in well into the game and knowing where to move and what space to use. The girls were attacking well, with a strong defence from RP. They made some good interceptions, bringing the ball back down the court but they were unable to get past Holly, who was marking every ball they were attempting to shoot meaning they were unsuccessful. Shania was in good support, helping move the ball down the court to our attack, again some unsuccessful attempts on goal. The half time whistle blew, with no goals scored and all to play for in the second half.

The third quarter saw changes for TGA, with Sianna coming on at GK, Shania moved to GD, Caitlin came onto WD and Alice on at WA. The girls started well, passing the ball and supporting each other around the court. They were dominating the quarter, getting the ball into the D and a goal was scored; 3-2. Straight back to centre and after an excellent interception from Shania turned the ball over and it was straight back into the D where Lillie was able to score again; 4-2. Lillie was playing with a slight injury, which was aggravated so switched off halfway through with Mya coming onto GS. Mya did an excellent job, playing out of position and supporting Jess enabling her to score another goal for TGA; 5-2. The whistle went with a good lead for TGA as entering the last quarter.

Due to Mya playing out of position and Lillie unable to re-join the team, we moved Holly back to GK, Sianna to WD and Caitlin to GS. The girls were strong, again dominating the last quarter and were successful in getting the ball into the D. RP defended and moved the ball down the court and scored; 5-3. There was a lot of back and forth for both teams, putting in some strong defending and good interceptions. Jess was finally able to get the ball in the D, however the defence had pushed her quite far away from the net. Rather than passing, Jess had a shot and it was an outstanding goal; 6-3. There was a little more play before the final whistle, with TGA stopping anymore goals being conceded.

Final score 6-3; excellent game girls, well done!